Does any of this sound like you?

Your family has trouble going out to eat so you are cooking every night.
But despite your time and effort, recipes often don’t taste good after all the modifications.
Cooking every night can be exhausting.  It would be nice for a break.

Every family has about 10 favorite dinner meals that they make again and again.  Now that your family cannot eat all the foods you used to eat, it is time for some new favorites.

Modified recipes don’t always taste like you hope. This class is a recipe lab in your own kitchen!  You will come away with dinner meals that your family likes and can eat!  Bring your old favorite recipes to modify and find new favorites!

Are you tired of the three “safe” meals your food sensitive family can eat?  Your mission should you choose to accept it is to create and test at least five dinner meals (or a whole lot more) in the next eight weeks that you can cook for your food sensitive family so they feel good after eating & you don’t spending all your time cooking.



You will test the recipes in your kitchen with your family.  Keep the good ones, modify the so-so ones and try some more.  Find recipes that have worked for others!   You will receive tips for foods to include the rest of the day so that your family will meet all their nutritional needs.

Take the stress out of meal planning, grocery shopping and wondering if your family will like this new recipe. You will have a game plan that will nourish your family. You know that they will feel good to allow all of you to do whatever is most important to you.

Every week you will receive video training, recipe ideas, ideas for modifying recipes and a live zoom call. Plus an engaged FB group so you can have your questions answered and celebrate your successes anytime!


Here is a TENTATIVE list of topics – but they are still developing – founding members will influence the content

1. The Choices Plate, part 1 (Pre-Course Workshop)

2. The Cooking Lab 

A. Entrees (weeks 1-3)
 – plain meat, fish, poultry with seasonings, sauces, flavorings
 – combination meals – casseroles etc
 – meatless: legumes, tofu, egg dishes 

(Week off of new content to finish finding five new entree ideas)

B. Vegetables (weeks 5-6)
– cooked
– raw

C. Grains (week 7)

3. The Choices Plate, part 2 (Putting it all together) (week 8)

Includes blank shopping lists, freezer inventories and make ahead recipes.

You start with your family’s recipes – and gain new favorites


Outcome: meals that tickle your family’s taste buds and meet your nutrition needs



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