I am a passionate nutrition educator who has encouraged people to enjoy tasty, healthy food for the last 30 years.  Through cooking classes, & food demonstrations I was able to give people a chance to taste yummy, healthy food.  Since my son has not yet perfected teleportation, I can right now share online with you.  See how I can help you:

The Sensitive Kitchen

Listen to my podcast as I share recipes, techniques and encouragement for feeding your food sensitive family.  Sometimes I will bring on guests to share their expertise.  Listen wherever you listen to podcasts.  Subscribe so you do not miss an episode.  The recipes and show notes live here under Podcast and Recipes.

Cooking to Flourish

Every family has 10 favorite dinner meals that they make again and again.  Now that your family cannot eat all the foods you used to eat, it is time for some new favorites. I am looking for founding members currently. Schedule free 15 minute consultation to learn more.  Hurry – enrollment closes Thursday, January 28!

The Kitchen Table

The Kitchen Table is a brand new membership based on a finding new recipes that your family enjoys and feels good after eating.  Every month will have a challenge, for example, plain meats done well, Sauces and Dressings, Main Dish Salads, Mexican, Italian, Meatless Meals, breakfasts, sourdough baking and many more.

Education, inspiration, modifying recipes and testing them in your kitchen with your family are the heart of this membership.  Just think of what your dinners will look like if at the end of a year you have 12 new, tasty recipes that your family enjoys that are actually good for them!

Membership in The Kitchen Table will happen in the spring.

Your Cooking Framework

Take the quiz to find out how your cooking framework influences how you cook for your food sensitive family.


For more information email [email protected]


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