The Kitchen Table:
Where Friends and Dinners are Made

Come sit at my kitchen table and chat.
Since we cannot teleport, join me in a very special membership group to chat.

  • Are you tired of cooking the same three “safe” meals?  Is everyone else tired of eating them?
  • Come find new inspiration for meals that help your family feel great after eating!
  • Our monthly challenges will inspire you whether you are brand new to cooking for a food sensitive family or a veteran.
  • Need help mastering substitutions?  It’s there!
  • Need help with the basics of cooking?  Cindy is a home cook who has taught cooking classes for many years.  She likes to keep it simple;  many of our recipes are simple.  Plus we can point you to wonderful “learn to cook” help if you want more than we offer.


Cindy Sullivan sitting at kitchen table with a cup of tea

Imagine what your dinner table would look like 3 months from now with 4 new dinner meals that your family can’t wait to eat!

Join The Kitchen Table monthly membership to have it be your reality!

Monthly challenges

Encourage all of us to find new recipes that work for our family.

These challenges help you find and modify recipes that your family loves, that fit in your time and money budget. Think about how wonderful your mealtimes will be with ten to twenty new recipes in the next year!

Possible topics include

  • Sauces for meat and vegetables
  • New vegetable month!
  • Soups for dinner and your freezer
  • Easy homemade salad dressings
  • New twists on favorite desserts
  • Main dishes from the grill
  • Vegetarian dishes
  • Stocks: homemade and from the store
  • Legumes in main dishes
  • Quick breads & muffins
  • Fermented foods
  • Breakfast
  • Mexican favorites
  • Italian favorites

Monthly challenge format:

Week 1: Monthly challenge announced and introductory video lesson.  Find your recipes.
Week 2: Gathering your ingredients and finalize your recipes.  Private FB group  Q & A about substitutions in the recipes you are going to try.
Week 3:  It’s time to COOK – Two live sessions this week to share cooking, answer questions, help with flops, celebrate successes, share recipes.
Week 4: Enjoy your new recipes and share them with the group.

A private, members-only facebook group will allow you to share, have questions answered and receive wisdom from Cindy and the group.

This is NOT a recipe library.  There are plenty of those out there. Instead we begin each challenge with a few recipes that live on the site.  Every month new recipes are added by our members.  You will need to bring some other recipes to cook.  We will help you modify them and tweak them for flavor.

Share and Collaborate all month long

  • questions
  • food concerns
  • what you are making for dinner
  • contribute your expertise!

Come join the conversation.  I am looking for a small group of  founding members who will help shape The Kitchen Table membership in March.  If you are interested in learning more, please sign up below or email [email protected].

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