Are you ready to add some gluten free cookies to your holiday cooking?

Join me for a live 2 session workshop.

4 gluten free cookies in a row: frosted sugar cookies, 2 kinds molasses cookies, chocolate crinkles, stores cookies

Cooking Together: Gluten Free Holiday Cookies

This live workshop is for you if 

  • you want to bake gluten free holiday cookies
  • your gluten free cookies need to include other food sensitivities
  • you are an inexperienced gluten free cook and need help with the basics
  • you are an experienced gluten free cook looking for new ideas
2 kinds of molasses cookies on a plate

Delicious recipes prepared in your kitchen are the best way to ensure everyone feels good after eating.

Your mission should you choose to accept it is to find and cook at least two new gluten free cookie recipes that taste good!

I’m Cindy Sullivan, a registered dietitian who has cooked over 7000 dinners for my food sensitive family. My favorite thing to bake is cookies!

I have cooked for MANY different food allergies and sensitivities for the past 25 years.

  • migraines
  • food allergies
  • food sensitivites causing brain fog and fatigue
  • adrenal fatigue
  • four different elimination diets

I am both an ordinary home cook and a nutrition educator.

I have taught cooking classes and brought modified food samples to classes for 20 years.

For many years I taught a class where participants modified recipes and brought them to class for everyone to taste.  Teaching online lets us collaborate and learn no matter where we live!

Workshop Details

The first live class is Thursday, November 30.  

In the next week you will roll up your sleeves and bake, bake, BAKE! Cindy’s recipes, other new recipes, your modified recipes, choose which you want to test!

You can post questions, successes and failures in the private Facebook group just for class participants.

The second live workshop will be on Thursday, December 7 to continue to troubleshoot and discuss successes and failures.

Both sessions will be conducted on Zoom and recorded in case you cannot join us live.


Private FaceBook group for participants.  

  • Share what you have baked!  
  • Share the truimphs and the failures.  
  • Ask your questions. 
  • Get advice.  
  • Share recipes.  
  • This is a KIND community.  

We are all in this together so we can spend time this holiday season celebrating with those we love, eating foods that everyone feels good after eating!    

meringue cookies being dropped on a lined baking sheet

Here’s what Cindy’s community college students have to say . . .

“The way you teach and explain concepts is amazing. I appreciate that very much. Your patience and willingness to break down a concept so that every student can understand is brilliant.  I like the projects you assigned. They are very practical and can make it easier for anyone else to understand the information given in class, and relate it to every day life.”

“Offered endless advice and assistance to anyone who needed it. Helping students understand the subject matter in simple and concise ways.  Being able to take large, multifaceted ideas and beak it down to just meat and potatoes (sometimes literally). Extremely understanding of students vices, deficiencies, or difficulties and genuinely works with students respectfully and earnestly.”

“I enjoyed {her} enthusiasm for the material and the practical knowledge that she was able to impart. She tried to make everything that we learned into skills that we can use every day to improve our health.”

“Good at explaining the information and relating it to daily life.”

A Community of Cooks.

Cooking differently is challenging and can be lonely.  This cooking workshop is all about community – A Community of Cooks.  We are all in this together.  We will be in different stages of our journey.  We may be cooking for different food sensitivities.  But we can help and encourage each other.  (And surely someone has tried a better gluten free flour?!?!?)

You need to actually taste the recipes

And you will.  This week will filled with cooking so that your family can taste the recipes you have found and can give them thumbs up or thumbs down.  Then you can modify again or move on to the next recipe!

Help Wanted?

Enlist help with the dishes – there will be dishes!


Only $47 for 2 live sessions with Cindy plus a private FB group for your questions answered.

Why is it so cheap?

Three reasons:

  1. Because I want you to see how valuable working with me can be.  Finding new recipes, receiving encouragement and inspiration,  having your questions answered and having a community to cook with will make this a very special experience.together!
  2. I will ask for your honest feedback as this is a brand new workshop.
  3. You can’t change the way you cook by reading  about cooking.  You have to  DO  it.   So this is your gentle “kick in the pants” to DO IT.  Better than that, we will  do it together!

Cooking Together Is Better!

For every friend you refer who joins the class, you will receive $10 off my breakfast class in January 2024!

For Less Than Half The Price Of an In Person Cooking Class!

You know the problem with cooking classes?  They are not geared for YOUR food sensitivities.  Even if you like the recipes, when you go home you still have to modify them.  For MUCH less than a single cooking class, we will work with you to modify your recipes or find new ones so they taste good and your family can eat them!


There are no cash refunds.  But if the unexpected happens before the challenge begins, we will apply your workshop fee to Cindy’s breakfast class or her new membership, The Kitchen Table, when it launches in February.  All classes conducted by Zoom and are recorded so you can watch the recordings.

Come cook with us!

You will have access to Cindy’s favorite gluten free cookie recipes. We will find new recipes, answer questions, talk about which modifications work best in which recipes, receive inspiration and encouragement and answer YOUR questions.

The holidays are coming so sign up now!

Don’t wait and forget and miss out!!

Can’t wait to see you November 30!

Still have questions?  email Cindy at [email protected]

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