Resources for your Kitchen

Items I use in my kitchen and recommend.

The links are not yet live.  I am working on finding the best sources of these products for you.  Ask on the Simple Cooking from Scratch Facebook page or email me if you have any questions.

weck jars –

These are German canning jars.  I do not can, I use them for food storage.  They are durable and can go in the fridge, freezer, microwave and dishwasher.  I love that I can store things in the fridge without the gasket and clips.  I just put the lid on and refrigerate.  I only use the gasket and clips for the freezer or when I am traveling with them.  There are also plastic lids for storage.

The only cons about these jars is that you cannot stack them without lids for storage.  So they take a little more storage space.  It is WELL worth it in my opinion.  They look wonderful.  They are one of my “go to” wedding shower gifts.

spatulas –

I only purchase one piece spatulas since I discovered how much mold and mildew grow under the handle of regular spatulas.  The small one is my favorite, although I do use the larger one as well.  Whether it is cleaning out a jar or scraping every last bit of sauce from a pan, these spatulas are terrific.

all clad cookware –

I use D5 all clad cookware from Williams Sonoma.  About eight years ago, I purchased new cookware.  I plan to use it for the rest of my life (except for non-stick skillets which must be replaced every few years!). I did not purchase a set; instead I purchased the pieces I knew I would use.  Just last year I purchased a stock pot.  Here’s what I use:

12 inch skillet
1.5 quart double boiler (I rarely use the double boiler insert  but use the pot regularly.)
4 quart soup pot
3 quart steamer combo (I also use just the bottom of this pot seperately – I usually boil my carrots in it)
6 quart sauté pan
8 quart Dutch oven
12 quart stock pot

Wustoff knives –

classic are my favorite. I purchase from Williams Sonoma

bread machine


baking pans

my favorites are Williams Sonoma gold – I have a 9×13, 9×9, 8×8, two round 8 inch. I own baker’s magic cookie sheets and two half sheet pans from my local restaurant supply store.


from King Arthur flour

cloth napkins

Williams Sonoma hotel napkins


yogurt maker

Cooking Websites

King Arthur Flour

Cooks Illustrated  (paid site although if you subscribe to their email list you will receive several free recipes a week.)

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