Substitutions in my recipes

Here are some of the things I substitute regularly.
what we avoid: substitute

Peanuts: any other nut – hazelnuts are a favorite
Peanut butter: other nut butter, cashew butter is our favorite
Peanut oil: Other nut oil or vegetable oil (I use canola most often for the omega 3s it contains.)
Onions: shallots (different enough he can tolerate them – try it if it just an intolerance in your house!), garlic, chives
olive oil: avocado oil, canola oil, butter
skim milk: 2% milk (strange but he cannot drink skim, but 2% does not give him symptoms.  I use 2% milk to make yogurt!)
honey: maple syrup, sugar
molasses: maple syrup (sometimes)
brown sugar (contains molasses): white sugar
strawberries, raspberries: blueberries
corn syrup: maple syrup
Pecans & walnuts: other nuts (hazelnuts, almonds, cashews)


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