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Are you cooking for food sensitivities, allergies or intolerances?

Did you ever imagine feeding your family could be so challenging or time consuming?

Whether you and your family have food allergies, food intolerances, food sensitivities or you just want to cook more whole foods – you are in the right place!!  You will find encouragement, information, ideas and recipes to help you with the daily food battle.  Every recipe will not work for you – but many of them will.  Welcome to the

Cindy Sullivan in a yellow shirt chopping vegetables

Food Sensitivity Kitchen

So glad you are here!  Pull up a chair, and chat with me while I cook.  Do you want a cup of tea?

Tell me about your family’s food story.  Every food journey is unique.  And it is always changing.


  • Ours began 20 years ago when my husband discovered repeatable symptoms when he ate certain foods.
  • Just this summer my daughter came home from college and she has a special diet that her doctor has prescribed to go along with her treatment regimen.  Sigh.  I think this is our seventh.
  • Then my son added three new foods to his allergy list and is able to eat clams again!
  • Tell me your story . . . .


Let me tell you what you will find here. . .

Cooking Framework Quiz

To help you on your way, take my free Cooking Framework Quiz to find out how to best adapt your cooking style and family’s eating style to your limitations.

Podcast & Recipes

Yummy food that your family will enjoy and help them to feel good after eating. Listen to my podcast, Dirty Dishes: Cooking for Your Food Sensitive Family, while you are chopping vegetables, going for a walk or doing the dishes.  Some of our favorite recipes are here.

The Kitchen Table

Exciting opportunity to join others cooking for their food sensitive families. Our monthly challenges are the heart of this brand new membership (launching soon)

  • Find new recipes that work for your family with inspiration and support.
  • Share  – what you are cooking for dinner, or a question.
  • Be encouraged!

The Sensitive Kitchen
Podcast & Blog

Mexican squash without corn

Mexican squash without corn

Cindy discusses a zucchini (summer squash) side dish that is simple to prepare and tickles your taste buds. Perfect for those dealing with multiple food sensitivities or allergies as this vegetable recipe is top 9 allergen free. Most Mexican squash recipes contain corn, but this one does not! So those of you avoiding corn can eat this dish. The simple sauce brings the whole dish together and melds the flavors.

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What To Do With Too Many Tomatoes?

What To Do With Too Many Tomatoes?

Plenty of ripe tomatoes. Either you grew them yourself (and the squirrel in your neighborhood did not eat them) or you are fortunate enough to live near a farmer’s market with the opportunity to purchase a half bushel (or a peck) at a reasonable price. What do you do with your bounty?
CIndy discusses ways to use tomatoes raw, cooked and cooked for later. She shares her family’s traditional recipe for Tomatoes, Onions and Peppers. It only uses three ingredients and it is simple and delicious.
CindySullivan, MPH, RD, CHES highlights the benefits of tomatoes and their possible role in preventing heart disease, cancer, strokes, osteoporosis and vision problems.

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Fresh Corn Tomato Salad

Fresh Corn Tomato Salad

Culinary summer has finally arrived - fresh tomatoes and sweet corn are here!  Besides eating them steamed or raw, this salad is one of my favorite ways to combine them.  Plus it keeps well in the...

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broth cooking in a black pot with herbs & plants in the background

A dietitian’s eating philosophy

I believe that there are many ways to eat a healthy diet.  I focus on eating more whole foods including:  fruit, vegetables, lean protein, whole grains, and dairy.  I believe most people can fit their favorite foods into a healthy diet.  Eating is about pleasure and community as well as providing the nutrients our bodies need. 

I encourage families to enjoy healthy food together.  Special emphasis here is to give food-sensitive families the tools and skills to ensure every member feels good after eating.  


Why do my pictures look different?

A couple of words about the food and pictures you will find here.  The pictures on my website are pictures I have taken of real food that my family has eaten.  I do not style food and throw it away just to make it look pretty.  I also do not develop from scratch most of the the recipes you will find here.  I usually begin with a recipe and modify it.  Sometimes it is modified so much that it becomes my own.  Sometimes I do not modify it  at all – well hardly at all.  Then you will find the source and perhaps a link.

salad with steak, strawberries & goat cheese

What her students have to say . . . 


Cindy really knows her stuff and kept the lectures interesting.  I think all the topics were introduced so we could relate it on a personal, practical level.  Great energy every class!

Tracy V


Now when I go to the grocery store I tend to be more careful and make sure that I read any and all labels before purchasing. I liked how interactive you were with the class! You were very hands on and always eager to answer any questions.  You are very patient. I appreciate that you take the time to make each student feel welcome. 

Lindsey B


Offered endless advice and assistance to anyone who needed it. Helping students understand the subject matter in simple and concise ways.  Being able to take large, multifaceted ideas and beak it down to just meat and potatoes (sometimes literally). Genuinely works with students respectfully and earnestly. Organized.

Ken K


My vision is that every family will eat at least one meal together daily which nourishes their body and spirit so they can go out and change the world.

My approach of eating mostly whole foods will benefit everyone wishing to enjoy healthier food and feel energized.

Dirty Dishes are part of living together.

Eating is about pleasure and community as well as providing the nutrients our bodies need.

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