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Episode 034 Mexican Squash Without Corn

Cindy discusses a zucchini (summer squash) side dish that is simple to prepare and tickles your taste buds. Perfect for those dealing with multiple food sensitivities or allergies as this vegetable recipe is top 9 allergen free. Most Mexican squash recipes contain corn, but this one does not! So those of you avoiding corn can eat this dish. The simple sauce brings the whole dish together and melds the flavors.

Episode 033 What To Do With Too Many Tomatoes?

Plenty of ripe tomatoes. Either you grew them yourself (and the squirrel in your neighborhood did not eat them) or you are fortunate enough to live near a farmer’s market with the opportunity to purchase a half bushel (or a peck) at a reasonable price. What do you do with your bounty?
CIndy discusses ways to use tomatoes raw, cooked and cooked for later. She shares her family’s traditional recipe for Tomatoes, Onions and Peppers. It only uses three ingredients and it is simple and delicious.
CindySullivan, MPH, RD, CHES highlights the benefits of tomatoes and their possible role in preventing heart disease, cancer, strokes, osteoporosis and vision problems.

Episode032 Fresh Corn Tomato Salad

Fresh Corn Tomato Salad uses in season tomatoes and corn combined with herbs and a simple dressing. The result is a nutrient dense, well balanced salad full of summer flavor. In this episode Cindy Sullivan, MPH, RD, CHES, discusses the nutritional benefits of corn. Did you know it is filed with antioxidants and phytochemicals that protect your eyes and skin?

Episode 031 All the Vegetable Muffins (Sweet and Savory)

Struggling to get your recommended vegetables every day? Try these muffins! No added sugar, no added fat, all whole grain and plenty of vegetables. That’s a healthy muffin – and they taste pretty good! Rebekah Klewicki, a rising senior at Virginia Tech studying Nutrition and Dietetics, developed the recipe. We have both been testing the recipe for a month with so many variations. Besides the 100% whole wheat version, we tested a gluten free version, a dairy free version, an egg free version and a gluten and dairy free version of both the savory muffins and the sweet ones. My muffin tins and box grater have gotten a work out! We shredded zucchini, carrots, sweet potatoes, eggplant, yellow squash & beets. Listen to the podcast to hear our biggest challenges and how we solved them. There’s even a scone variation and different levels of spice, depending on your family’s tastes.

Episode 030 Cooking Adventures: Vegetable Muffins

Have you had an epic fail in the kitchen lately? Or something that took more time or dishes than you anticipated? Listen to be encouraged! Cindy shares her recent adventures making veggie muffins – in all their different forms. She also shares her CHOICES framework for changing your recipes (for any reason).

Episode 029 Summer Tortellini Salad

Summer Tortellini Salad is a great summer main course. It is bursting with flavor from the marinated sundried tomatoes Cindy discussed last episode (028). Summer Tortellini Salad is a hit at picnics, cook outs, outdoor concerts, bridal showers and other celebrations. The nutrition tidbit for this episode is all about cashews. Cindy also discusses ways to modify this recipe for a variety of food sensitivities.

Episode 028 Homemade Marinated Sun Dried Tomatoes and Two Salad Dressings from Leftover Vinegar

Homemade Marinated Sun Dried Tomatoes are a wonderful condiment for pizza, omelets, sandwiches, bruschetta. My favorite, Summer Torellini Salad (episode 029), can’t be made without them. Store bought sun dried tomatoes, are soaked in mild vinegar. Then use the flavored vinegar to make homemade vinegarette, Sun Dried Tomato Dressing. Or use up some old tomatoes to make a variation, Parmesan Sun Dried Tomato Dressing with Fresh Tomatoes. After soaking the sun dried tomatoes, add other ingredients and marinate overnight.

In this episode Cindy talks about some nutition tidbits about sun dried tomatoes including lycopene and other nutrients.

Healthy White Chicken Chili with Fresh Chilis

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Episode 026 Taco Meat with Pinto Beans

Meat and beans together are a nutrient powerhouse! Since we have discussed the merits of legumes recently (episodes 003, 013 and 021), in this episode, Cindy discusses the benefits of beef including some new and interesting research.
Customizing for dairy free, gluten free, onion free and even picky eaters is easy with taco night! This savory base is perfect for piling on the veggies – avocado, tomatoes, peppers, cilantro, jalapeños, etc. You can even make it vegetarian by using substitute meat crumbles.

Episode 025 Bavarian Potato Salad

Bavarian (German) Potato Salad is a warm, comforting side dish that uses just a few ingredients. It is naturally gluten free, dairy free, egg free, soy free, nut free. Easier than most potato salads it does not require peeling the potatoes. It is delicious warm or as leftovers. Parsley adds brightness to this dish and many nutrients: vitamin K, vitamin A, folate and vitamin C. Parsley also contains flavonoids to help fight cancer and lutein and zeaxanthin to help prevent macular degeneration. Bacon adds savory appeal to this delicious side dish.

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