Holiday Cooking Episode

Thank you so very much for participating in my very first podcast “round up” of experts!

Please answer the following question in 5 minutes or less:

What is your best / favorite holiday cooking tip?

In addition, if you are going to send me a recipe, you can talk a little about your recipe – for example:

  • Is this a holiday favorite in your household? 
  • Is it from your childhood or more recent? 
  • Are there any modification tips?

You can talk about your recipe in the same message or a separate one, but both must total 5 minutes or less.


In addition to the above question

1. Please fill out this introduction form

2. Please remember to fill out the podcast release form which I emailed to you.  Thank you!

If you have any questions your can email me at or FB message me.

Thank you SO very much for sharing your expertise!  The episode will air Tuesday, December 8.  I will email you FB and IG posts if you would like to share by Monday, December 7.

I hope you have a blessed holiday season with those you love!


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