CIndy's plate planner filled out with  her emergency foods.

Here is the photo of my plate planner for  emergencies.  Notice  that I did  not fill out all the lines!!  Raw veggies tend to have a shorter shelf life.   So I will use more canned, jarred and frozen.  And I have some ultrapasturized, grass fed dairy in my fridge so that is what I use for longer shelf life dairy  – as well as yogurt and cheese.   

Plate Planning

Want the planning template?  It's on page 5.  
You can also use it to make a flexible, quick meal plan for this week.  Your picky eaters can help choose WHEN things are eaten.   Plus there are many nutrition  tips to get  all the nutrients you need when eliminating foods.

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Welcome to The Sensitive Kitchen where home cooks are inspired to Cook to Enable Those You Love to Flourish. I’m Cindy Sullivan, registered dietitian, passionate nutrition, educator, and accomplished home cook. Whether you’re changing how you cook for food sensitivities, allergies, intolerances, or just trying to eat healthier on a budget, you’re in the right place.

Most episodes, I will share favorite recipes as well as modification tips and nutrition benefits. Occasionally I’ll have a guest or special episode like modifying holiday favorites. My favorite foods? They’re raspberries and homemade chocolate chip cookies. My latest cooking project was long fermented sourdough bread,

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